Case Studies and Testimonials

“The EOS® tools have changed my life! I’m now able to let go of the day-to-day, knowing I have developed a team that can efficiently handle the details. We have consistently grown every year for the last four years in a very tough market, while the competition has struggled.”
— - Ronald A. Blank, President, The Franklin Companies
It’s difficult for me to express in words how much Dione changed the entire trajectory of our company. After three sessions, our business had transformed from a messy startup to a well-oiled machine. As a consultant, Dione excels because: her advice is born out of her experience as a successful entrepreneur; she is able to connect with each team member; and she makes everyone stay engaged throughout the process. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, hire Dione now.
— -Casey Wright, Wright Brothers Inc.
Dione is an expert in the EOS system. Her coaching was engaging and unified our team. We’ve actively implemented her teachings with greats results, including selling to IBM just two years after she started working with us. I highly recommend Dione without hesitation.
— -Jesse Proudman, BlueBox Group